Event 47 Yeovil parkrun

Montacute House

After three weeks away from home and only two runs done I was a little nervous about getting round this parkrun.  Would all my superpowers have left me….all those meals out and celebratory drinks with friends….

Short answer.  Yes!!!

Sunrise at Myrtle Beach

Normally when I don’t run much I’m still swimming and biking and  gyming (not a word, it turns out) but these activities were not easy to fit into my trip and if I’m honest I planned my year around this being a chillax (also not a word) time.  So apart from my Melbourne parkrun my only recent run was a near the end of my trip at Myrtle Beach – which was pretty special with the sun coming up but at only 6km and at a slow pace, not special enough to maintain my fitness!

Back home the temperature had dropped somewhat….Autumn was in full swing and the fire was lit.  On parkrun day it was raining and this meant one thing….mud!   From the sandy beach in South Carolina I was back to what I know best, mud and rain and sliding down grassy hills.


Sister Adi, brother-in-law Antony and Adi’s work friend Emma were also along for the run.  This is their local parkrun and they’ve all done done it quite a few times.  It’s held at the stunning Montacute House on the outskirts of Yeovil, I have done it once before but well over a year ago.

After the race briefing we set off and Adi, Ant and Emma disappeared into the distance.  I remembered then how hilly it was….and all off road.  Last time I did it the start was delayed due to cows being moved off the course.    This time we started on time but only after a mad panic from Adi whose watch couldn’t find a satalite signal….turns out on closer inspection that the signal was fine she just didn’t have a heartbeat lol!  Phew 🙂

Car yoga from Antony

My legs hurt from the very start.  The day before had been my first day back with my trainer at the gym, jumping around, slamming medicine balls, pushing the prowler (it’s a thing, trust me) all designed to work every bit of my body.  I was really feeling it.  Also my breathing was not too great not helped by having to move around an extra half a stone of holiday weight…..I’ve actually I’ve been too scared to get on the scale, but that’s what it feels like.


But it was good to be back doing events, back to running over wet muddy grass, slipping on leaves and trying not to fall over.  Hanging out with my family, and other crazy runners on a Saturday morning – I’ve missed it.

The course was two laps which felt mostly uphill, although I guess it must have had some downhill, it just didn’t feel like it.  On the second lap I saw Antony who was now walking, not feeling too great (a day later he came down with a horrid cold).  I checked that he was OK and then carried on, my running only slightly faster than his walking.


The second lap also has a big steep hill, I remember running up this last time, but not today…I power walked up it.   Ha ha who am I kidding, I limped up it, at times it felt like I wasn’t  moving forward at all.  But at the top it was only 400m to the finish line.  I made a big effort and ran to the line.  Adi and Emma cheered me in and a minute or so later Antony joined me.

35.44, one of my slowest times for parkrun but still great fun 🙂

47 done.


3 thoughts on “Event 47 Yeovil parkrun”

  1. Sounds like a great event for getting back in the swing of things after your long travels. Green grass and autumn leaves are one of my favorite combos. That Myrtle Beach photo makes me miss our group so much!


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