The Final Countdown – getting ready for 2016

Getting Ready
Getting Ready


So, while the rest of the world counts the sleeps until Christmas I’m counting the sleeps until the New Year!  Ok, I’m counting the sleeps until Christmas too, hoping Santa brings me a new bike jacket.

So much to think about before the New Year starts.  Some thoughts….

What if I get ill?

This has been on my mind quite a bit these past few weeks.  My breathing has not been too good.  My medication was changed due to NHS cutbacks and the inhaler drug that helped me so much these past 5 years is now considered too expensive and patients are being asked to try a cheaper version – unfortunately I didn’t get on well with it.  A sore throat and persistent cough, but no cold.  Laboured breathing which has affected my sleep and training, and I was using my reliever inhaler much more.  Fortunately after a call to the Asthma Nurse I was put back on my old drug and I feel so much better.  However, I’ve only been given a months supply and I have no idea if I’m going to have to put up a fight to keep getting it.  Stress I don’t need just now.  I’m sure it will all work out.

But if I am ill – well a year is a long time and I’m sure I will have time to catch up if I miss any events.  I have a big wall chart for each year and put stickers up for all the exercise I do – red dot for a run, yellow for a cycle, green for a swim and a little mouse sticker for my personal training session (sorry Max!)   It’s a great way for me to see the bigger picture – missing a few days of training does not usually impact on upcoming events and in fact sometimes the enforced rest is good!

Or injured?

Well, hopefully nothing serious will happen.  I do a lot to stay injury free.  I see my osteopath Ross every week.  If my body feels good I get a sports massage from him but if there are any niggles he can sort them out straight away.

I also work out with my personal trainer Max twice a week doing functional weight training – pull ups, press ups, dead lifts etc.  I’m sure this keeps my body strong and helps avoid injury.  The one year I cut down on weight training and did more tri stuff was the year I ended up with major hip problems.  Not risking that again.  This old body needs looking after 🙂


Will I be able to eat whatever I want for the next year (and drink)

Surely YESSSS!!!! Er…no 😦

Unfortunately, despite lots of training I only keep my weight down if I watch what I eat. Grrrr.  Life is not fair.  As for drinking, I’ve tried rehydrating on Prosecco once or twice (or three times)  – always regret it. Again, I’m getting old, no resilience where drink is concerned.

So my plan, and it’s so boring, is to eat REAL food, not too much and keep away from processed stuff.  My Fitbit which measures my heart rate seems to think I burn between 2000 -2800 kcals a days depending on activity levels and if I stick to eating around 2000-2500 kcal my weight stays stable.

What about my training plan?

I think the events will become my training: bike sportives, catered training rides, half marathons and marathons, catered training runs.

My main event this year is the Ironman in Maastricht and I think most of the events I’m doing will help me towards that goal.  I will still do some normal training in the week, especially swimming, but stick to shorter bike rides and runs.

I’m not sure this would work for a more competitive athlete who would probably need more intense focused sessions, but for me…who chuggs along in training AND racing, I think it will work just fine.  I did lots of events leading up to IM Zurich and it worked well.


Ahhhhhh!  I think I’m starting out as a fairly motivated person.  I love being outside and training. I’m hoping the blog and feedback will help – I know it will help 🙂 I’m sure there will be weeks where I can’t face yet another event but many of my events will be with friends and they will become my motivation.

I also know from recent experience doing the LEJOG (Land’s End to John O’Groats bike ride, that I did with my good friend Tara) that you can just get up day and day, feeling achy and tired and still do it.  I think I’m good at digging deep.

Should I do this for charity?

I’m very lucky that I have a secured a charity place for the London Marathon in April.  I will be raising money for the Asthma UK.  You can sponsor me here.

10 more sleeps!!!



3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown – getting ready for 2016”

  1. Oh my……you are ready, I can “hear” it in your voice! I only hope you can keep getting the asthma meds that you need.

    I can’t wait to read about all your events. I don’t suppose you have one in the States? 😉 I’ll be supporting you from afar! ((Hugs))



  2. I am so excited for you Paula! Really looking forward to reading your blog and seeing this great adventure unfold. Good luck. Love Nat x


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