Event 30 – Moors Valley 10k


Another event that started in the evening. I’ve turned into a night owl!

I booked this event after receiving a flyer in my goody bag at Event Number Two, the one where there was torrential rain for the whole event.  Despite the rain I loved the run and thought it would be nice to come back in the summer in nicer weather.   I though it was in the same place….it wasn’t lol!  Totally different country park but in the same area.  It was almost the same weather, we had torrential downpours all the way on the drive to Dorset….but in the end it was perfect.

I had buddies on this event.  My sister had no choice, I just booked and paid for her entry, she was in.  But a few weeks ago after Heidi had a great parkrun we started a 10k chit chat…. “Heidi you did so well on your 5k, you should do a 10K”  “er…should I??”  “yes you should”   Heidi was in!  YAY!


I was worried about the drive on a Friday night, the west country can be a bit crazy on a Friday especially with Glastonbury on,  but apart from the rain it was fine and we arrived in good time.  In fact Moors Valley Country Park was bathed in sunshine and looked like no rain had fallen all day.  Strange.  But very welcome as the whole route was on country trails.

We faffed about a bit, putting our bibs on and debating whether to wear shorts or capris…the things you worry about!  In the end we all opted for capris.  Adi regretted the  decision, Heidi seemed fine and I hadn’t actually brought any shorts so had no choice.  Then we all went to the loo 🙂


Totem pole start line

I guess there were around 300 runners and at 6.50pm we headed over to the start which was at a totem pole. Heidi was quite tired after some gardening work this week.  Adi had been having some knee and hip pain and I was just worn out after my trip to Sweden and hadn’t run since my 10k at Cheddar two weeks before.  Fair to say we all were wondering what the hell we we doing there!

But then it started, and as we were very near the front we were immediate passed by a stampede of speedy runners!

I went off way too fast, especially considering the first two kms were uphill.  My watch was saying under 6min kms….TOO FAST !!!  I knew I couldn’t keep it up…and didn’t.   But I settled into a nice pace and the first 5km were fun.


It was run along gravel paths and sandy tracks.  Sometimes they were a bit boggy and there were a few puddles, but given the recent weather it was great conditions.  A rainy day would have been a very different experience.  The whole event was bathed in evening sunshine and it was very pretty out there.

It wasn’t particularly well signed and at one point there were two paths, I saw a ribbon which I hope was part of the event and I had people to follow but I was slightly worried about Heidi and Adi behind me possibly not knowing which way to go.  The marshals …well, I’m always very grateful for anyone that gives up there time for me…but they weren’t very encouraging or helpful, which was a shame.


I enjoyed the park and it was a pretty place to run.  Before long it it was half way and the water station.  Very welcome as it was a very warm evening.  They were mumbling about people needing too much water and in fact, as I learnt from Adi later they were having trouble providing for everybody and Adi said that some people had to wait while more water was got out of big water canisters.  Adi was fine, fortunately.

By about 7km I was feeling pretty cooked, my speedy start was paying back.  Wish I had set off slower.  3km seems a long way when you are tired.  After a few more undulations I turned a corner and saw the finish…or was it?   It really wasn’t clear.  There were just bunch of people there. Turned out the finish was somewhere else, but EVERYONE had gone wrong.  Some said “you’ve finished” and I stopped my watch.

Heidi finsihing

I was lucky that I had done almost 10k, some went wrong enough to have only completed 7km!  This has happened to me and Adi before and it can be very disappointing.

I got my goody bag and medal went to wait for Heidi and Adi.  Heidi came in around four minuets later and Adi shortly after.  Heidi was on top of the world, her first 10k and she ran it all and Adi was pleased that despite being in pain she had got round, running all the way.  We were all very happy.

Post race stretch

It was a great evening in a lovely park.  Probably wouldn’t do it again as the organisation was a bit hap hazard.  It was a charity event…but still, basic signage and directions were still required.

Thrilled to have down this with Adi and Heidi, very special

Event 30 done!







3 thoughts on “Event 30 – Moors Valley 10k”

  1. Paula—your 30th event and it’s still June! Congratulations on really attacking this year! The photos look beautiful, and how fun to run with family. But…water, signage and a finish line are things you just assume are taken care of when you pay your fee!


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