Event Nine – Exeter Parkrun

Boats in Exeter near the start

Another week and another trip to Exeter – and still no shopping!!! This time it was for parkrun and funnily enough it started about 200m from where I did the Half Marathon last week.  I knew where to park and where the toilets were – perfect 🙂

After the usual briefing about, not being a race, and looking out for other park users we were off.  Everyone dashes off so fast and the first few metres were hectic, but before long I settled into my back of the pack place.  I actually ran the first 1km pretty fast for me and was hopeful of a good time but as the run went on the mud and wind came into play and my pace slowed accordingly.

I thought it would follow the same route as last week but we quickly left the canal path and headed off along a track and over a little bridge before turning left onto a football field. This was the muddy bit.  We had been told that we must stick to the edge of the field to make sure we ran the full 5k and of course this was where the most mud was. I was better prepared today and wore my trail shoes so although I slowed up I didn’t feel like I was going to fall.

The wind that had helped so much with my speedy start was now blowing straight in a our faces and as we left the field and got back on the track it was really strong and gusty.  But no rain, thankful for that.

I was very relieved that it was only 5km – my legs felt good and I wasn’t too tired but I needed to get back home as I had to drive to Heathrow in the afternoon!

I finished in 30.10 and unusually for parkrun the barcode scanning was done inside.  We had to walk 300m to a climbing centre where everyone had to remove their muddy shoes and walk in our socks upstairs to the scanning area in a cafe.  It was a great idea and if I had had more time I would have stayed for coffee and cake.

But my next event beckons. Off to Finland and hoping I can remember how to Cross Country Ski!

3 thoughts on “Event Nine – Exeter Parkrun”

  1. Go Paula Green!
    – am super excited about your cross country skiing adventures. I hope the sun shines so you have beautiful scenery to keep you going.


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